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  • CPU: 2 CPU Cores
  • 256 MB dedicated memory
  • 20 GB hard disk(RAID 10)
  • 400 GB/M bandwidth
  • IP Addresses: 1 (IPv4)
  • Free DirectAdmin(pay 12 Month)


  • CPU: 2 CPU Cores
  • 512 MB dedicated memory
  • 30 GB hard disk(RAID 10)
  • 800 GB/M bandwidth
  • IP Addresses: 1 (IPv4)
  • Free DirectAdmin(pay 12 Month)


  • CPU: 3 CPU Cores
  • 1024 MB dedicated memory
  • 40 GB hard disk(RAID 10)
  • 1200 GB/M bandwidth
  • IP Addresses: 1 (IPv4)
  • Free DirectAdmin(pay 12 Month)


  • CPU: 4 CPU Cores
  • 2048 MB dedicated memory
  • 60 GB hard disk(RAID 10)
  • 1600 GB/M bandwidth
  • IP Addresses: 1 (IPv4)
  • Free DirectAdmin(pay 12 Month)

What is Xen Hypervisor?

The Xen hypervisor is a layer of software running directly on computer hardware replacing the operating system thereby allowing the computer hardware to run multiple guest operating systems concurrently. Support for x86, x86-64, Itanium, Power PC, and ARM processors allow the Xen hypervisor to run on a wide variety of computing devices and currently supports Linux, NetBSD,FreeBSD, Solaris, Windows, and other common operating systems as guests running on the hypervisor.The community develops and maintains the Xen hypervisor as a free solution licensed under the GNU General Public License.

Xen's cheap VPS hosting linux allows users to utilize full native speeds just like a Dedicated Server. Each VPS is guaranteed it's RAM as well as its swap space in order to compensate from unexpected RAM usage. Xen does not allow overselling, so the resources you purchase is allocated to you only. All our VPS comes with full root access so you can do what you want when you want. Your drives are also setup in RAID-10 array while utilizing the latest Intel Quadcore Xeons, you won't find better performance elsewhere!

What is SolusVM?

Solus Virtual Manager (SolusVM) is a powerful GUI based VPS management system with full OpenVZ, Linux KVM, Xen Paravirtualization and Xen HVM support. SolusVM allows you and your clients to manage a VPS cluster with security & ease.

What Makes a Great Host?!

Find out how our hosting can make your site a success.

  • Brilliant VPS Technology.  We use Xen. Its performance is unmatched by any other virtualization software.
  • Fast Hardware.  We use dual quad core Xeons with RAID.
  • Reliable Network.  Our default data center uses Level(3) and Internap.
  • Choice of Linux Distributions.  Debian, Ubuntu and Red Hat™ distros are our specialty.
  • Java and JSP Hosting Expertise.  Good Java hosting requires more than a tick box on a hosting plan.  We are Java developers and true Java hosting specialists.

Dallas - Datacenter

Dallas Datacenter is an unparalleled data center environment was built for security, high availability, connectivity and redundancy. Benefit from an industry-leading power-to-space ratio and technicians who work on-site around the clock safeguarding your IT assets and supporting the management of your computing systems. Our 68,000 square feet of state-of-the-art, ground-level floor space gives you the freedom and flexibility to scale seamlessly.Our restricted access Network Operations Center (NOC) is staffed 24x7x365 by on-site technicians. In addition to our team of technical experts, the NOC's automated systems constantly monitor network performance, power,cooling,security.

Los Angeles - Datacenter

Los Angeles facilities total a whopping 50,000-plus square feet of privately owned and operated datacenter space. We operate one of the largest footprints in Los Angeles which is specifically dedicated to an end-user colocation provider. Each of our datacenter suites features independently operated infrastructure including UPS Battery Backup Units, HVAC and CRAC cooling units, and distribution routers. This compartmentalization of our resources limits risk and liabilities to only specific groups of equipment, as opposed to wholesale outages.

DE- Frankfurt Datacenter

One of the leading financial centers in Europe, Frankfurt is a focal point of Europe's banking, commerce, transport, and telecommunications infrastructure, which makes our Frankfurt IBX data centers some of the most carrier-dense in the world.

Frankfurt is a perfect location for network providers who deliver services into the banking district as well as companies who are based in the finance and media capital of Europe.

Partners in Frankfurt

DE-CIX is one of the world's largest Internet Exchanges provides direct and settlement-free IP interconnection infrastructure to over 350 members from 40+ countries.Kleyrex Internet Exchange has 139 members from 19 countries, two thirds of whom do not peer outside of the Kleyrex exchange.

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24/7 Friendly Support

This is a point of pride for us. You deserve the best, and we won't settle for providing anything less. We're available to you either by LiveChat or email 24 hours a day support.

99.9% Network uptime

Dile Networks guarantees 99.9% network uptime for all subscribers of a solution which includes a network connection.

30-day Money Back

We want to make sure our customers satisfied. If you are not happy, within 30 days from when your initial order was placed, you’ll receive your money back - no questions asked.

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